Discount Rules

There are often periods with offers and discounts on products.

Usually a discount code is provided to be inserted at the Check Out that will allow you to use the discount.

Discount Codes cannot be combined, therefore if you have multiple discount codes it is advisable to make different orders for each code.
For example Discount Code received at the Newsletter Subscription + Featured Offer Code, in this case it is advisable to make an order with the Newsletter Code and once closed this make a second order with the Code dedicated to the Featured Offer.

The discount code can be used as many times as desired for a declared number of times or for a specified time that is specified.

For our regular customers, shops or professionals or those who have placed orders with great values, we can provide personalized discount codes that do not expire within the time limit ... in this case, you can request them from the staff of the shop that will provide them.

if in doubt, write to us via chat or via email in the contacts.

good shopping!
The Shop Staff