The 1° Line Equipment

Recent excellent tactical supply, adopted first in the Special Forces, and to follow in all employed in combat units.

It is nothing but a tactical belt coated spring system, where they are fixed in various configurations tactical accessories in use.

There are two types: a high-profile of 8/15 cm, very convenient with the inner part rubber / neoprene for a good grip on the pelvic area, and equipped with removable braces when the equipment weights are in important; the other of only 5cm must be fastened to the body by means of a Velcro under belt, to make it perfectly stable and anchored to the body.

Regardless of the model, each user configures depending on the use.

  • Holster semi-thight BH x Glock 17 equipped with coaxial tactical flashlight Strim Light 2s
  • 4 chargers port x Glock
  • 1 x M4 charger port
  • Bag PS (scissors cut dresses, tourniquet, veneer cables and belts, latex gloves, to Israeli compression bandage, gauze hydrophilic, thermal blanket)
  • Bag collect empty magazines
  • Case with multipurpose forceps
  • Case with plastic handcuffs ASP
  • Case with tactical flashlight

Without a doubt, the advent of the 1st line has changed and improved the tactical planning of the operators.


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