Survival : What is Needed!?

Basic survival module

Keep in mind that needs vary depending on the contexts, places and reasons in which you find yourself in critical conditions.
MODULE "A" must never be used in everyday life, it is only to be kept at home or to take with you in case of need

  • Shoulder backpack 20/25 lt
  • 1lt water bottle
  • Portable water purifier
  • Field firelighter kit
  • Switchblade wood saw
  • Paracord at least 30 meters
  • Roll of fine iron wire
  • Poncho (tent, bed, individual protection)
  • Tactical knife or working machete
  • 12/15 cm utility knife or multipurpose steel pliers
  • Roll of adhesive tape and / or cable ties
  • Fishing line (Ligatures, trapping etc)
  • Hand crank dynamo torch
  • Front led flashlight
  • Hammock with mosquito net
  • Energy food sufficient for 2/3 days
  • Stainless steel saucepan
  • Work gloves
  • Personal hygiene kit
  • First Aid Kit + personal medications (Tourniquet, gauzes, disinfectant, thermal blanket and signaling, etc)

Can be integrated with additional accessories but without exceeding the weight, the rest of the material will go to modules "B" and "C"

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