The The Corner of our advices

  • The 4 Rules of Safety in Operational Training

    All over the world there is a standard of rules to be respected when using weapons.
    Respecting these rules greatly reduces the possibility of accidents occurring.
  • Tactical Flashlight

    The tactical flashlight is a device used to illuminate the target or better to blind it.
    It is used on both long and short weapons.
    It is mounted on special sleds or on pre-arranged weapons.
  • Survival : What is Needed!?

    Some advice regarding what you need for basic survival
    Remember that accessories are important but preparation is very important
    A good course is always advisable, both as regards survival techniques and for medical techniques
  • The 1° Line Equipment

    Recent excellent tactical supply, adopted first in the Special Forces, and to follow in all employed in combat units.

    It is nothing but a tactical belt coated spring system, where they are fixed in various configurations tactical accessories in use.

    There are two types: a high-profile of 8/15 cm

  • Hydration Systems

    Let's talk about the difference between the classic 1 lt bottle and the new systems for individual water transport
    Tradition or technology !?
    Now you can choose ...